Elevating your experience with Design | Build | Protect

April, 2021

A transformation in wealth advisory services has been taking place for decades, moving from the sales oriented, product centric Wall Street model to the professionally oriented model that positions advisors as fiduciaries required to act in the best interest of their clients. This positive change for consumers has accelerated, catalyzed especially by two events: the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and, more recently, the upheaval of COVID-19 and the search for connection while disconnected.

Yet, even amid the craft’s shift in orientation from sales to service, it has perhaps struggled to find its central purpose, often prioritizing proprietary solutions over plans that are truly client inspired. The next frontier, therefore, is an approach to further elevate the way you engage your financial life plan, putting you and your aspirations even more firmly at its center.

Enter Design | Build | Protect, a virtuous cycle of exploration, action, and reflection informed by the fields of behavioral economics and science and then distilled into a systematic yet surprisingly simple and effective method.

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