CWA Difference

Live life boldly. Leave markets, planning approaches and tax strategies to us.

Navigating your finances through each phase of life requires more than just a plan. It requires a partner. Through life’s ups and downs, we will be there to add insight, offer reassurance and amend your plan so you can reach your ideal future. Like you, our families mean everything to us. That’s why we put our collective 100+ years of experience to work helping your family identify and focus on what matters most.

When you work with us…

You achieve clarity.

Live your life now, and when you think about the future, be confident you’ll end up exactly where you want to be.

You feel empowered.

Know your financial strategy incorporates layers of hard evidence and is designed around your true needs and wants.

You gain a partner.

Get comfortable sharing your values and goals with a fiduciary advisor who puts you at the center of your strategy.

Time is essential to investing and it is essential to our client relationships. Over time is how we learn to know and trust each other and to put the plans in place to achieve what’s most important.”
— D.R. Nelson, CEO, President

The Collective Wealth Strategy

If you believe a sound plan can be the foundation for achieving great things, you’re in the right place. Trust your financial future to a community of advisors, financial specialists and peers who believe in living well.

The Collective Wealth Advisors Strategy


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