7 Tips to Control Identity Theft

May, 2022

Given heightened geopolitical tensions, the risk of cyber-attacks and identity theft are becoming even more pervasive. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information to commit fraud, such as fraudulently opening accounts, gaining access to accounts, filing tax returns, filing for unemployment benefits, obtaining medical services, or sending fake bills to your health insurer, etc. While these are core steps to take, this is not designed to be an exhaustive list of all steps you may need to take to prevent identify theft.

1 – Freeze your credit for free with all three credit bureaus. A credit freeze will prevent someone from applying for and getting approval for a credit account or utility services in your name. This is the best way to prevent identity theft.

2 – Review your accounts and credit reports regularly to ensure no suspicious activity

3 – Enable two-factor authentication for any online accounts, especially for email, social media and financial accounts.

4 – Use a password manager to generate, manage and store unique passwords for your accounts. Do not reuse passwords!

5 – Encrypt and password protect all computers and mobile devices.

6 – Sign up for banking and credit card alerts via email or text message.

7 – Know the sender of email! Before clicking any link or downloading any file, be 100% certain of the sender. If in doubt, open a new browser and navigate to your account or confirm with the sender that they sent you something. One downloaded file can result in malicious software being installed on your computer.

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